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Women's Self Defense

Master John travels the world equipping women with the skills needed to defend themselves

As a licensed Personal Protection Agent through the Departmental Criminal Justice System, a Women’s Personal Safety Instructor, and a Martial Arts Master, I have had the fortune of working with many women and teens during an array of seminars and workshops. I’ve found that regardless of the state, town, or city, 90% of women share some of the same safety concerns.


From sexual assaults to abductions, to being grabbed from behind, having their pigtails pulled, to just simply having a nuisance finger being poked towards their face or upper extremities. I am delighted to share a few common, “day to day” scenarios that women and young girls face on a daily basis, followed by studio instructions on how to properly execute these techniques.


As a Martial Arts Instructor, my vision was to put together a very comprehensive DVD using only common everyday folks performing very common and easy to learn defense techniques. Sure, I can admit how easy it would have been to use my advance students in filming the skits and scenes for this project, but my preference was to only use models and volunteers whom I could teach the technique to within 20 or 30 minutes prior to filming.


I felt the need to reach out to the 70% of citizens who have never seen the inside of a Dojo rather than the 30% of my Martial Arts colleagues around the country who are familiar with the martial language. In my experience, the vast majority of working mothers, college teens, young women facing day to day hustle & bustle in life don’t have the time for traditional martial arts two to three days a week of training. I truly believe that when a person is in a compromising threat or safety situation, the escape may not always be pretty or fancy, but to the point to safely gain an escape route, “Stun and Run Defense for Women in an Instant.”


Although each scenario in this DVD is followed by studio instructions, it is of the utmost importance that you follow every safety measure possible by simply exercising the 3 A’s mechanics: Awareness – Alertness – Avoidance


I ask that you please follow your instincts and let your conscious be your guide. If you find yourself in a situation that just doesn’t feel right, don’t ignore your feelings.

I’d like to personally thank all models and students who assisted with this DVD. In addition, I would also like to give courtesy to all affiliates and associates in the Women’s Personal Safety Network for the awesome job they are doing in bringing awareness.

Kudos Family!

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