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Warriors Against Human Trafficking

Warriors Against Human Trafficking is an initiative that has been established to combat the global epidemic of human trafficking. Contrary to popular belief, human trafficking targets more than just adult women and girls. School age-boys on up to adult men are also at an increasing risk of being trafficked.


Anyone, anywhere can be a potential target for any predator, but the question is, “what makes a person an easy target and how can it be avoided?” With each age and category of men and women, boys and girls, the predator strategically plans and selects his/her method to accomplish this horrific act of cowardness. Yes, you read it right! Women too, and even girls, can be predators.

Warriors Against Human Trafficking will educate men, women, boys, and girls on the different methodologies and techniques used to lure potential victims into a situation that makes them vulnerable to being trafficked. Long gone are the days when trafficking was something that happened through a random or planned abduction by someone unknown to the victim. Today, technology plays an intricate part in human trafficking, especially with school age boys and girls.

Warriors Against Human Trafficking will equip you, mentally as well as physically, with the necessary tools to help you potentially avoid becoming a victim.  Like self-defense, the first step to avoid becoming a victim of human trafficking starts in the mind long before the physical component of self-defense begins.


It’s time to do something now; the timing is crucial if we want to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Join us today at Empower Martial Arts Academy on this crucial initiative,
and let’s work together to put an end to human trafficking and shine a light on these predators.

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