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Combat Kuntao Martial Arts

"A Street Combat Fighting System"

Currently Empower Martial Arts Academy is the only Studio in the State of Virginia that offers Combat Kuntao Martial Arts. Majority of our clients often have the same question in common:


“What is Combat Kuntao and how does it differ from the common arts in which most people are accustomed?”


Combat Kuntao is a scientific, eclectic system that is strictly designed for real world self-defense. It is based on economy of motion and simplicity. The stances are non-traditional and are used to induce the element of surprise.  Our fighting stance mimics that of a western boxing, which gives us the maximum mobility, explosiveness, and strategic use of our weapons. Our empty hand version relies heavily on the Filipino flow-hand concept and sensitivity drills. We teach our students to execute their techniques under stressful conditions. We also teach our students how to control their “Adrenal Stress Response.”


Our system is designed to neutralize aggression in a very short period of time.

Street Combat Training
Master John Teaching
A Take Down
Self Defense with the use of a scarf
Self Defense with the use of a scarf
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