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How to Bully-Proof your Child

You Can’t Always Be There To Protect Your Child, But You Can Give Your Child The Skills To Protect Himself.

Read on to find out where!!

Bullying has become a major issue. There are bullies terrorizing kids in every school, in every neighborhood, and even on the Internet.

Bullied children can be afraid to go to school, afraid to leave the house, and can even develop lifelong neuroses and anxieties.

What can YOU do about it?

Enroll your child in martial arts and start their Stop the Bully training at Empower Martial Art Academy.

Bullies, like all predators, have learned to spot weakness. Schoolyard bullies don’t pick on the star athletes. They target the weak, the young, the sweet, quiet ones and the loners.

In our innovative Stop the Bully program your children first learn to avoid trouble. They learn the simple lesson to stay away from bad people and bad places. They also learn to travel in groups to become more difficult targets.

But the best way to stop the bully is confidence. When your child has confidence, it shows. We teach your children to project confidence, so they don’t look like easy targets. Over time, they develop true inner confidence.

Of course, they do learn some powerful self-defense skills, too, but we teach violence as a last resort in self-defense. Your children will be in a safe, controlled environment. To us, the discipline and dedication the students learn while developing their impressive martial arts skills are more important than the skills themselves. Your children will apply that same discipline and dedication to their schoolwork and later to their careers to build a successful life. That is the ultimate result of the study of innovative martial arts at EMPOWER MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY.

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